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Puma Awning (Storbox S-300)

The Puma Storbox S-300 folding arm awning is the new design of the popular Puma system and one of our most versatile full cassette canopies that we fit in the UK.

Available in a maximum width of 6 metres with no need for intermediate supports, the Puma awning is suitable for balconies and terraces alike with top-fix and face-fix installation.

Relax in the shade of the Puma awning with a projection of 1.5 to 3 metres. The awning features a wide tilt range and can be adjusted to a pitch between 0 to 75 degrees.

Strong and durable, the Puma awning is built to withstand 10,000 arm movements, and can handle wind speeds of up to 28km/h.

A winder is provided so that the awning can be manually extended and retracted. However, many of our customers opt for an electric switch or remote control system so they can operate their awning with just the press of a button.

This newly designed awning system, with its metallic finish, provides an elegant aesthetic and is adaptable for use at domestic sites as well as commercial properties.

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Puma Folding-Arm Retractable Awnings

As a full cassette awning, the Puma Storbox S-300 is fully protected from the elements when retracted back into its system, keeping it clean from debris and dirt whilst stored away. The full cassette system extends the life of your awning by protecting it from the weather, as well as providing a clean visual aesthetic when your awning is not in use.

The Puma awning is available in a range of patterned and solid colour fabrics to suit your tastes. We even offer custom branded awnings, printed with your logo, details or artwork, should you wish to use the awning for your commercial business.

By incorporating the Onyx Lux arm models, LED lighting can be integrated so that your covered patio area can be illuminated once night falls. Using the dimmer functionality, you can adjust the light emitted from the LEDs. With no cables visible at the elbow of the Onyx Lux arms, the Puma awning remains stylish and sleek in appearance, whilst offering 24 hour usage thanks to the integrated lighting. LEDs can also be integrated into the cassette profile of the awning.

Every awning we install is the product of premium craftsmanship and comes with a 5 years guarantee, so you can be confident that you’re buying an awning from us that is both durable and fit for the purpose it’s intended.

All of the awnings we fit are manufactured and constructed in the United Kingdom.

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