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Are you looking for a permanent canopy so that you can enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather?

As veranda suppliers in Manchester, we fit a range of premium quality verandas in the UK for homes and businesses alike. From families who want to create a space to unwind, to restaurant owners wishing to create a dining experience with spectacular views, our verandas can give you the outdoor living experience you desire.

A veranda can transform the exterior of your property by expanding your living space outdoors. With the permanent protection of a solid roof, you and your guests can relax and enjoy the views and scenery the outdoors has to offer throughout the seasons.

Although we’re based in Wigan, we offer nationwide veranda installation in the UK. From our free consultation to aftersales support following installation, our team are committed to providing exceptional service from start to finish.

Garden Verandas With A Touch of Class

Unlike our retractable patio awnings, our garden verandas can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

With no planning permission required for most installations, not even for our glass verandas with sliding doors, you can have one of our sturdy yet elegant structures erected at your property so you can get the most out of your garden throughout the year.

You can use our garden verandas as an alternative to a hot tub canopy, a sheltered area for your outdoor garden furniture, or a dry spot for you to barbecue in peace.

By having a veranda installed outside your back door or patio doors, you can bridge the gap between your garden and your home, and benefit from a covered space that can keep you dry in the rain and sheltered from the sun.

Quality Aluminium Verandas

The verandas we supply are precision-made from high quality aluminium for a robust solution that you can enjoy for years to come.

Aluminium verandas benefit from being weatherproof and require very little maintenance, which is why they’re so popular with homeowners across the country.

The verandas we supply in the UK are available in traffic white texturised (RAL9016), cream white (RAL9001), and grey texturised (RAL7024).

Aluminium Veranda For The Garden

Design Your Perfect Patio Veranda

Choose a Glass or Polycarbonate Roof For Your Veranda

At Luxica Awnings, we offer as much customisation as possible on the verandas we install in the UK, including the type of roof you can have.

Enquire today for a free, no-obligation consultation and quotation.

Veranda Installation in UK with Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate Verandas

The polycarbonate veranda roof comes in two variants: frosted and clear.

Frosted polycarbonate roofs provide an element of privacy, which can be especially useful if your garden is overlooked by others.

A cheaper alternative to glass, a polycarbonate roof is more budget-friendly which will be particularly more noticeable on verandas covering a larger area.

Veranda with Glass Roof

Glass Verandas

If you’re looking for the ultimate premium finish, then the glass roof system is the perfect choice. Glass roofed verandas deliver more natural light into your outdoor space and are much stronger than a polycarbonate veranda roof.

Glass verandas also offer better acoustics which means the sound of rain during a downpour isn’t as noticeable.

Retractable or Louvered Roof Verandas

If you’re looking for a veranda with a retractable roof, then you may be interested in our garden pergolas. They’re very similar to a veranda but instead of having a solid, fixed roof, they feature a tilting or retractable louvred or sliding roof.

Glass Verandas

Experience The Outdoors, Indoors, With Our Enclosed Glass Verandas

Transform your patio area into a place of relaxation with our glass verandas.

Glass sliding doors can turn your veranda into a multi-purpose outdoor living space which can be used throughout the year, not only in good weather.

Suitable for dining, unwinding or even creating an enclosed play area for the children, our glass verandas are perfect for creating a glass room with a view, with natural light in abundance.

The stylish aesthetic is just one of the many benefits glass sliding doors on a veranda can offer. During spring and summer, you can open the doors to enjoy the warmth and fresh air. In the cooler seasons, the glass doors can remain closed to provide you with protection from the weather without sacrificing the wonderful views.

Come rain or shine, glass verandas can create the perfect outdoor extension to your property  Рa modern, contemporary alternative to a conservatory.

Frequently Asked Questions About Verandas

Do Glass Verandas Require Planning Permission?

Most of the time, glass verandas do not require planning permission to be erected. Only in certain circumstances would planning permission be needed, such as if the veranda is being installed for a listed building, attached to the roof space or is larger than half the ground space of your land. As most glass veranda installations do not fall into this bracket, it is not usually needed however we can help to assess whether planning permission is required during our free site survey.

How Much Do Glass Verandas Cost?

The cost of our glass verandas depends on the size you’d like and whether or not you’d like optional extras, such as sliding glass doors to turn it into an enclosed ‘room’. The larger the veranda, the higher the cost due to more glass needed for both the roof and the sliding panels, as well as the time it takes to fit these parts. However, we’re very competitively priced so feel free to contact us for your no obligation quote.

Veranda With Glass Roof

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