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A balcony can be the perfect spot to unwind in the summer, whether you like to read a book, chat with friends, or have a few drinks to relax. But in the heat of the sun, it can become uncomfortable pretty quickly without some kind of shade to protect you from the sun.

Luxica Awnings & Pergolas Ltd are proud to supply and install a range of balcony awnings in the UK for homeowners and businesses alike. Our retractable balcony canopies can be extended or retracted on demand, so the minute you decide you’d like some shade, a simple press of a button on a switch or remote control will activate the awning and provide the shelter you desire.

With our collection of half-cassette and full-cassette awnings, we have something to suit every type of property, whether you have an apartment with a small balcony or a townhouse with a larger balcony. We can even fabricate bespoke posts if required to affix your awning to.

Constructed in the UK and with 5 years warranty on all of our awnings, you can be assured that our balcony awnings are made to a high standard.

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Apartment Balcony Awning

Apartment Balcony Awnings

If you live in an apartment, our balcony awnings can provide shade from the sun allowing you to enjoy and get the most out of your balcony during the summer months.

Our team of professionals have worked on balcony awning installations in the UK for apartments and penthouse suites. No matter how complex the job may seem, we can usually find a way!

Our electric awnings can be operated manually using a winder if necessary, but the beauty is that you don’t even have to get up out of your chair if you want to extend your canopy. You can simply press a button on the remote control and the awning will extend or retract as you desire, providing instant sun shade. With the extensive projections of many of our awnings, you’ll be surprised by the amount of coverage our balcony canopies can deliver.

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Choose The Design of Your Balcony Awning

Everyone has different tastes which is why we offer an extensive selection of colours and designs of fabric to choose from when purchasing a balcony awning.

With solid colours and striped patterns available, you are sure to find a style that suits your taste and property’s aesthetic.

Quality is key which is why all the awnings we supply and fit are constructed to be durable and made using corrosive resistant materials and coatings. When retracted, the cassette system helps to protect the fabric from dirt and debris, thereby extending the life of your awning.

Some of our awnings also have the option of integrated LED lights which can provide illumination as the sun goes down and darkness falls.

With so many styles and fabric colours to choose from, we’re confident that Luxica Awnings & Pergolas Ltd can provide the right balcony awning for you.

Awning Fabric Colours

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