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Ensuring your patrons are comfortable when sitting outside, drinking or dining alfresco, whether on the terrace or in the beer garden, is paramount for any hospitality business, especially bars and pubs.

During the summer months, most of your customers will want to take advantage of the nice weather and have a few drinks outside but without some sort of shade from the sun, it can become quite uncomfortable very quickly, and no-one likes a warm pint!

Luxica Awnings & Pergolas Ltd can supply and fit pub and bar awnings in the UK, all of which can be printed with your company’s logo or text of your choice to reinforce your branding.

Awnings and canopies are the perfect alternative to parasols and sun umbrellas as they can cover a larger area at once, meaning more customers can enjoy their drinks or meal in the shade. Made in the UK using premium materials, the awnings we supply for pubs and bars are durable and constructed to meet the demands of a commercial nature.

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Coyote Ugly retractable bar awning in Liverpool, signwritten with logo on the awning and valance

Choose From Our Range of Pub and Bar Canopies

With our wide range of canopies, including retractable awnings, Pergoline awnings and butterfly awnings, we have a style to suit your requirements. If you’d like a canopy over the entrance of your bar or walkway in front of the building to shelter those queuing outside, we can provide a solution that offers shelter from the sun and rain. If you need a large awning to cover an outside area to keep your customers cool in the shade during warm weather, we have a variety of awning styles to choose from including an extensive selection of colours and patterns.

With our retractable awnings, you can extend and retract them on demand manually using a winder, or electronically, using a switch or remote control. However, we also offer a weather sensor control which is perfect for businesses like bars and pubs. With a weather sensor, the operation is fully automated. It will extend in the sunshine and retract automatically if it senses strong winds or rain. In the event you forget to retract the awning yourself, the weather sensor will take care of it for you and prevent your awning from being damaged in bad weather.

All-Weather Canopies For Outdoor Bars and Dining Areas

Whilst awnings offer your customers incredible protection from the sun, they’re not the most suitable solution to keep your clients dry. If you’re looking for a canopy that can provide shelter for your customers whatever the weather, take a look at our verandas and pergolas.

Both of these products can be fitted with sliding glass doors to create an enclosed space, perfect for pubs offering an outdoor dining experience with a view. They’re also ideal for outdoor bars, whether you run a commercial business or have your own private outdoor bar at home that you want to enjoy, come rain or shine.

Our verandas can be fitted with a glass or polycarbonate roof, offering coverage and protection from the elements throughout the seasons.

Our pergolas, on the other hand, can be fitted with a tilting or sliding louvred roof. These are a great choice if you want to benefit from an open air experience when the weather is nice, whilst having the luxury of being able to close the roof during harsher weather. Both the tilting and sliding roof can be fully closed to protect guests and provide shelter from the sun and rain.

Outdoor Bar Pergola

Pinela Deluxe sliding louvred roof pergola for an outdoor bar, with glass sliding doors.

Freestanding Pub Awnings and Canopies

Our awnings and all-weather canopies can be installed to an exterior wall, but we can also provide bespoke, freestanding solutions for those establishments that require shelter away from the property, such as in the centre of a yard or pub garden.

Having erected freestanding, retractable folding arm and butterfly style awnings for pubs in the past, we have the knowledge and experience to create a canopy solution that will provide shelter for your customers, whatever your outdoor layout may be.

Whether you require an outdoor bar awning to provide shelter for queuing guests, or want to offer shade for customers enjoying a drink or two in the beer garden with a freestanding pub awning, our team can deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Smoking Shelters For Pubs and Bars

Our team at Luxica Awnings & Pergolas Ltd can also supply and install smoking shelters for pubs and bars throughout the UK. Making sure your patrons can keep dry outside whilst having a smoke, especially during the wet winters we’re accustomed to in the UK, will improve customer satisfaction.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and for a free, no-obligation quote.

Smoking Shelter

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