Half Cassette vs Full Cassette Awnings

What Is The Difference Between Half Cassette and Full Cassette Awnings?

What Is A Half Cassette Awning?

A Half Cassette Awning is an awning system which is only partially covered with the bottom exposed. This means that when the awning is retracted into its system, the fabric, folding arms and the roller mechanism is semi-protected from dirt, dust and debris, and the weather. This gives it an advantage over non-cassette awnings which offer no protection at all, but isn’t as protected as Full Cassette Awnings are. As a result, Half Cassette Awnings often cheaper to purchase than Full Cassette Awnings when comparing like for like, based on the same measurements.

Half Cassette Awnings are also referred to as Semi-Cassette Awnings, and provide a good degree of protection of the awning to help extend the life of the product.

Due to the semi-protected cassette, Half Cassette Awnings are a preferred choice for patio, garden and exterior placements that are already partially sheltered

Panther Half Cassette Awning

Panther Awning

Style: Semi-Cassette
Max Width: 12 metres
Projection: 1.5 metres to 4 metres

Half Cassette Awning
Full Cassette Awning

What Is A Full Cassette Awning?

A Full Cassette Awning is an awning that is fully protected and enclosed when retracted, protecting the fabric, folding arms and roller mechanism from the weather and dirt, dust and debris. This can help to prolong the life of the awning and reduce the amount of maintenance that may be required.

If your awning is being affixed in an exposed location, then a full cassette awning may be the better choice to protect it from damage.

Full Cassette Awnings may be the most expensive of the three cassette types, but they offer the best protection for your awning when not in use and provide a sleek finish when enclosed when the awning is retracted into its system.

If the awning is to be positioned in an exposed area or you’re interested in having an awning installed at a business or commercial property, a Full Cassette Awning is often recommended due to the enhanced protection from the rain, wind, frost and dirt. The enclosed full cassette also helps prevent damage from vandalism and tampering.

Bobcat Full Cassette Awning

Bobcat Awning

Style: Full Cassette
Max Width: 4.5m
Projection: 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres

Puma Full Cassette Awning

Puma Awning

Style: Full Cassette
Max Width: 6 metres
Projection: 1.5 metres to 3 metres

Tiger Full Cassette Awning

Tiger Awning

Style: Full Cassette
Max Width: 6 metres
Projection: 2 metres to 4 metres

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